WYEAST XL 2007 Pilsen Lager folyékony sörélesztő

6100 Ft
A classic American pilsner strain, smooth, malty palate. Ferments dry and crisp. Flocculation: medium. Apparent attenuation: 71-75 %. Fermentation temperature: 9-13 °C.Smack Pack Activator Meant for the larger homebrewer or small microbrewery: sufficient for direct addition up to 20 l of wort. Sterile smackpack. Contains 125 ml, nutritient included. 3.5 times more yeast cells! Long conservation possible: 6 months after production date.Important noticeActivator™ packages will sometimes swell slightly or moderately during shipping or storage. This is not an indication of deterioration if the package is less than 6 months old and has been properly handled. This is due to trace amounts of nutrients, still available at the time of packaging, causing small amounts of culture activity and CO2 production. Some strains are more prone to this than others.
További információ
Élesztő jellegeAlsóerjesztésű (lager)
Tároláshűtőben 1° és +5°C között
% of 100
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